Mission Planner 1.0.36 and AC 2.0.36

I was running AC 2.0.33 and today I upgraded to Mission Planner 1.0.36 and then upgraded the firmware to 2.0.36


The after the firmware was uploaded, the verify continually failed.


I then downloaded 2.0.36, compiled it and uploaded it using Arduino IDE.


I then ran Mission Planner and did the setup for hexa.


1.  What happened to the "D" in stablize PID??  I know for my hexa that I had to double the D for it to fly properly


2. When I start up hexa, only 4 motors start!


How do I downgrade to 2.0.34?

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  • Developer
    there was an issue with the planner with 1280 boards, please get the latest planner that fixs this
  • now we know where do you live.

    someone may come there....and steal your PIDs ! 



  • Hai, If I am not mistaken the D has been changed to Rate Roll and Rate Pitch. Jason mentioned it somewhere in the 2.0.34 thread. There is a guy on that thread that run almost the same frame as your also from RC Carbon and its a hexa too if not mistaken. Default PID is a bit ok for him although maybe lowering the P for roll/pitch would be good.

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    Dis-regard point #2, thats because when manually compiling I needed to specify frame type.
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    Dis-regard my question about downgrading, I managed to work out how to download it from googlecode, just do a search in the downloads for all downloads with the version number you're looking for.


    Going to downgrade to 2.0.34 and mission planner 1.0.28

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