I noticed when playing around with Mision Planner that there's an "Add Shutter Triggers" function on Grid V2. Has anyone played around with this? What do you use to trigger the camera? I have an APM 2.5 setup coming in the mail right now, so I'm just poking around in MIssion Planner until it gets here.

I have an octocopter and I just use an octocoupler tied to a hacked servo as a shutter trigger. Is the APM version similar?

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just opened the MP and seen this function. that's great! now we just need that Michael (or someone else) write a little how-to!

I saw that also and got quite excited about it.

I tried to upload the waypoint grid V2 to the APM 2.5 Arduplane so I could see what it was doing while running Xplane 9 and it has an error. It inserts do_digicam_control into the grid with the waypoints.

Looks like Digicam control is not recognized. I think I remember seeing something about digicam not being supported on planes but it is on ArduCopter.

it should work for arducopter. but i dont beleive it will for arduplane

That will be a real useful tool when it is made available for ArduPlane.

Was Arduplane abandoned for PX4? Not much happening with ArduPlane except bad code.

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