Since I started using a 4s 5000mAh 50c Lipo, each log does not read my battery discharge.  Also, during flight the Flight Data interface shows when I Arm and Disarm the copter.  Although, when I go to the log, the copter seems to show it is disarmed.  Note:  The tuning graph seems to be okay.

What settings do I need to change/correct?  

Three logs are attached.

2013-06-22 14-10-55 (4s Lipo battery)

2013-04-03 13-32-34 (3s Lipo battery)

2013-06-22 19-24-55 (3s Lipo battery)



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I am using Mission Planner 1.2.55.  Although, the issue occured on previous versions using the 4s Lipo.

Also, the attached logs where I used the 3s Lipos do not indicate a problem.  

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