Hello I'm Looking for a little help with the option for using the mission planner for the Arudcopter code,


I'm following the manual here:




I have the com port set to the correct one in the mission planner, I have the speed set to 115200 and when I goto the menu to open the "first setup" the mission planner stops working, the window shows in the top bar "not responding" and then closes the program.


I have RTS set in the com port, and have tried the update function in the mission planner, still it will not work, I have no idea why its not working, any help would be great!!





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ACM is not yet released, so it won't work ;)
Thanks Seb, you know I thought it had not been released, but the instructions I linked to above seem to think it is, shall leave this alone for a few days and push on with another code :)


i must be the biggest noob here! i simply cant get my new arducopter to work through these softwares. ive had for 2weeks now, i follow the links as mention above and also the other configurator and also CLI. does anybody have a clue as to getting some decent step by step instructions/help/video, it looks pretty with all its flashing coloured lights and funky disco sounds and probably wow alot of people, but yes, it is meant to fly and cannot do it. i should mention that all these softwares do it talk to copter, just spits out some funky text.

did you read my post?

software is not released yet, you are most likely running ardupilot code, which is for planes, it won't control your copter

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