I am trying to run some opencv python scrips in the mission planner.

When I try to run a very simple script (thant only loads a image), I have an error:

"Error running the script. No module named cv2".

This simple script works fine when I run it whit IDLE.

What do you think that is the problem? Maybe is a link problem between python and the Mission Planner´s Iron.Python?

Is there any other way to send information to the copter using python scrips but no through the mission planner?

When I try other scrps with no external modules like numpy or cv2 everything works fine.

Any advice is very wellcome!!! Thanks in advance!!!!


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I had a similar issue when importing numpy. I redirected the directory (see code below) to the location where numpy lives, which got me past the "No module named numpy" error. However I now get the error "System.InsufficientMemoryException". From some reading it seems this is thrown for numpy.array due to it not being thread safe (not totally sure what that means). This is where im stuck currently. Let me know if you got any further with it and good luck.


import os

os.chdir("DIRECTORY HERE")

import numpy as np

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