I am trying to set up a process to correlate GoPro video taken from a vehicle (quad or fixed wing) on an  autonomous search and rescue mission with the mission conduct as displayed by the mission planning program in the window to the right of the HUD.  I see i can record the HUD video to a .avi file but i need to record the mission "view" window to the right of the HUD as well.  Is there a way to record that?  If I can't do that I need to display either time of day or lat long on the HUD to be able to do the correlation process.  Any ideas?



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Only overlay GP3 video on HUD, is not enough?

After flight, with tlog file, will could create a kml file and open it in google earth, an start a mission to see path, altitude etc..

the HUD doesn't give me a location (lat/long).  if lat/long were on the list of data that are optionally displayed on the HUD that would work but they are not.  Time of Day is also not on the list of things you can display on the HUD - if I had that i could correlate the GoPro video using time?  I am at a dead end...?


are you using a tlog or df log?

yes.  i can probably figure out a lat/long from the tlog or df log data but it's a real pain to do that.  what i really need is to be able to see my current lat/long during a flight on the HUD and during playback of telemetry data.  how does one go about asking for a feature in the mission planning software?


right click the hud, click user item. add lat and long.

i have tried that. what you are suggesting is what i want to do but lat and long are not choices on the list to pick from and i don't see any way to add items to the list?  that's my issue.


agh. I will fix that.

wow.  that's service.  i am sort of new to your software so am feeling my way around.  it's really well done.  thanks.


is "time" available?  any earty "time" would work, GMT, any timezone, anything but the time at the north or south pole....?   "time" would allow me to quickly find the lat long from a gopro video quickly....


please update to the current beta MP

help > update beta

i updated to the latest beta version and played back part of a mission.  lat and long are there but don't change since there are only two decimal places shown.  to be useful they need to be at least five or six decimal places shown....


i see that on the screen to the right of the HUD is a display in the bottom left corner of the vehicle position in either UTM, GEO, or MGRS.  if "time" (like GMT) were available on that bar my problem would be solved.  location and "time" would be any time traveller's dream come true.  would something like that be possible?  i can use quicktime to record the mission after the fact using telemety data and provide that to the search and rescue folks along with the gopro video so they can find the bodies....


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