/!\ Mission Planner - Ergonomics.

I've noticed that as long as MavLink aware apps are pretty terrific in functionality, sometimes there is total absence of ergonomics. 

It would be good to collect suggestions in one place.

If I might make suggestion: 


Standard and advanced params menu use screen space so irrational, that it's easier to use "Full param tree" then find something in this menus. 

I suggest to make little tweaks to this menu.

1. Add groups as it is in "Full param tree", give each group it's name and divide groups with <hr> lines.

2. Compact all the data. I've checked, you can not make window smaller than 1000px, then why won't use that free space?

3. Modify screen font to get more clarity (optional).

4. In "enabled-disabled" events use two position "radio buttons" or "checkboxes" instead of "Dropdown menus". It will give visual comfort. 

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