Hi all,
I've set up 6 modes on my Futaba 7c according to the instructions in the wiki.
When I check in the CLI they all list correctly as I change the switch combinations. When I connect to mission planner via xbee only mode one and two will show correctly. I have set mode 1 to Stabilize and 2 to Alt Hold.
When I switch to modes 3 to 6 they all say they are set to Stabilize. I thought perhaps they hadn't been programmed properly so I connected via CLI again. All positions showed up correctly. Is this a problem with mission planner or with my radio I wonder ? I can only confirm that modes 1 and 2 work correctly as the area I was flying in yesterday was too small to try the other modes. I hope to do some proper testing tomorrow, weather permitting.
Any thoughts ?

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you havn't mentions what version firmware/mission planner you are running?

Hi Michael,

I'm using Mission Planner 1.0.96 with firmware 2.0.50

Unfortunately no opportunity to fly today. Gale force winds and rain outside, so I can't confirm if the other modes are actually working or nor. According to the CLI they are.



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