Mission Planner Feature Request 1.2.81

Hi Michael

Would you be able to do the following, it would make log analisys so much easier. 3691065074?profile=original The idea is :

Once you have loaded the log, you can either hide a graphed line temporary by clicking on the eye, clicking it again will bring it back, or you can completely remove it from the graph set by clicking the X.


Once you have zoomed in, it would be immensely useful if one could use either you keyboard arrows, or click on the grey arrows below the graph to  scroll the entire graph left or right, perhaps up or down too if you have zoomed in really close.



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  • Developer

    for panning hold control - click and drag.

  • I updated this morning and now MP won't start at all..  Running Windows 8, Quad Core i7 with 16gb ram..  Never ha a problem upgrading but today its no go..  Be careful if you are upgrading, this one will keep you from flying..

  • This would be great. I was just wishing for this last night but it was too hard to explain. Nicely done. Please at it to Github so it can be tracked.
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