Mission Planner file path for prefetched maps, can it be changed?

I noticed you can choose to change the path in mission planner where the logs are saved. Is there any way to change the path where other files types are saved, specifically prefetched maps?

I have a tablet pc for a ground station and it has very little space left on the main drive. But it has a micro SD card slot. I would like to be able to save the prefetched maps to a micro SD card instead of the main drive. 

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I have a Surface Pro 3 with MP installed and was able to install it on the MicroSD card using this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VNsuOpkyQw.  

You might use the same approach to save the maps.  Please post your results.  I'd like to do the same.


I finally got around to trying this. Unfortunately it looks like the ability to install apps to an external drive is disabled for the desktop version of windows ten. Supposedly it will be enabled in a future release, but who knows when that will be. The upgrade to 10 hogged up a lot of the limited memory in this tablet. I bought a little 32gb SD card for it thinking I could do this, but no luck.


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