Hi Folks;

I am building an octocopter from scratch. It is at the point that it looks like it is ready to fly. The motors idle, run up to max and change speeds depending on whether I use the jaw, pitch or roll. I have no error or warning messages in Mission Planner and ESCs have been calibrated but not through Blheli Suite or Blheli Configurator because my two laptops seem to have an issue with the two. I think it is due to the fact both laptops are running Windows 10 but were not originally designed for W10 and therefore the COM ports have issues that cannot be resolved. I will fix this when I get home and use a Windows 7 laptop to do the calibrations using Blheli Configurator. The laptops do however talk to Mission Planner just fine.

My issue in this post is the following. The Accelerometer, Compass and Radio are all calibrated in Mission Planner. The Radio Calibration shows green bars for all my sticks, pots and switches. But when I go to Servo Output, I have no bars although they do show up for like a 10th of a second when I switch to that page and in Failsafe, I have green bars for the first four motors although I am using the Octocopter V4.0.3 option for the Frame choice.

Could someone tell me what is happening with the Servo Output page and the Failsafe page?

Thanks in advance;

George Stanclik

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