Mission planner only supports APM?


I have a friend who bought an Arduino Uno and was asking whether or not he can use mission planner with it. I looked into google and i couldn't find anything about Arduino Uno that can support Mission planner. Can we just edit the pins on the Uno board so that it can support? He have additional sensors that can give him the readings just as how the APM does. Anyone have any ideas about this? Much help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Well like Michael said, it talks MAVLink. If your friend runs software that also talks MAVLink protocol you can run it with any software/hardware platform. As long as data sentences are correct, yes you can use it on Uno, ARM even on Linux based systems. 

    Naturally it will run easiest on platforms that are created directly for it eg. APM xx electronics. As there are huge amount of libraries and other program code behind APM architecture. 

    Basically MiniOSD and jDrones IOBoard are Arduino UNO style boards and they are listening MAVLink

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    the mission planner talks mavlink. and the firmware are written for the atmega 1280 and 2560.

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