Hi all. I'm using arducopter 3.4.4. firmware with a pixhawk 2.4.6 flight controller, and using a radiolink AT9 transceiver.

When I do the radio calibration in "Mission Planner", I notice that the throttle levels are reversed. The throttle stick is pulled right back, but the Mission Planner throttle monitor reads 1930. Then, when the throttle stick is pushed full forward, the level goes to 1069.

My AT9 transceiver has the throttle setting set to 'normal' (not reversed). And when I use QGroundcontrol, the throttle settings behave 'correctly' - as in, push the stick full forward, and the throttle level will be 1930 (and pull backwards to get the minimum 1069 level).

I'm using Mission Planner 1.3.43, and I don't know how to get to the settings that will allow me to alter the throttle behaviour. I notice (from online tutorials) that at some Mission Planner radio calibration windows will have a checkbox next to each control monitor .... a white check-box that says 'REV'. But my Mission Planner 1.3.43 doesn't have such white check-boxes. So my check boxes are either missing, or this new version of Mission Planner might have some other way of changing the interpretation of the received throttle commands.

I know how to reverse the throttle behaviour in the AT9 transceiver, which is one 'solution'. But I think it will be better if I find out how to do the reversal in Mission Planner instead.

I notice that the Mission Planner 1.3.43 doesn't have an 'advanced parameters' section. It only has a 'standard parameters' section. While some of the screenshots have both a 'standard parameters' section as well as an 'advanced parameters' section.

Anybody else have this same issue? Thanks for any help!

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  • Resolved: When first starting Mission Planner 1.3.43 (ie. before connecting to pixhawk etc), go to the CONFIG/TUNING menu, and go to the very last item in the column list, which is 'layout'. There, change the layout to 'advanced'. Only do the serial connection to pixhawk after the advanced layout is selected.

    Then, when the pixhawk is communicating with Mission Planner 1.3.43, go to the Full Parameter Tree, and look for RC3, then look for RC3_REV. The RC3_REV parameter value is '1' by default, which is 'normal' mode. In order to fix my problem, I needed to change that value to "-1", and a very important thing to do after this change is to select "WRITE PARAMETERS" (otherwise it won't change). My reversed throttle problem was then solved. It's possible that Mission Planner 1.3.43 has a coding problem, so they might need to fix up this discrepancy (if it really is a discrepancy).

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