Hello Michael,


First of all, great job you have been doing with the Planner,

I still keep previous versions in archive and it really progressed a lot, you and your team rock :)

Well, if it's possible, in a future implementation, do you think you can put a date or time info on the HUD ?

I know it's getting a bit full, but a clock and date would be important in the captured videos, it would be great to know the fliying autonomy, but that's not a top priority ! Thanks for the great job you guys.

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on the hud or just in one of the status box's? the tlog files do actualy have a date and time in them, i just dont display it at this point in time.

I was thinking on the upper right corner of the artificial horizon screen (hud), so it could be recorded on video, but if it's present in the logs, that will be of some help :) I have a couple of logs to analyze but ever since I was wable to make what I can call a flight, I've got hooked to it ehehhehe

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