• Downloaded the .40 msi, installed it, started it - Error... Needs .NET = 4.0. Well, 4.0 is installed. When saying "Yes I want to download and install .NET", it goes to the download of .NET 4.5 - Which doesn't install on XP...

    How about a warning when using a new version of some proprietary library which break OS compatibility?!

    I think, there is a definite need for a cross-platform mission planner which is based on open source libraries and not on proprietary stuff.

    I know QGroundcontrol and I use it on Linux. It just can't configure e.g. the 3DR radios and some parameters appear crooked in QGC,

  • I just love the new look of the diydrones website....way to go Chris Anderson and the APM team...... 

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