I just updated my Mission planner to the latest version on an elderly win XP laptop. version 34 of MP had been working fine until the update. 

After completing the update, when I try to open MP either from the shortcut or the program list I get a warning that this application is not a win32 bit application. 

I have tried to delete the entire program and reload,... not better. 

I tried to reload MP ver 34 this will not work either. so now I have nothing that works.

Any ideas guys. 

Thank you

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MP 37+ no longer support xp.

you can get the old msi here


Thanks for that. How far back do I need to go to get an XP compatable MP?

Hi Michael

ok, I rolled this back to 1.2.99 and it still gave the same message, I deleted everything including the drivers etc. then started again and was able to load 1.2.99 and so I progessively moved forward and was able to load ver 1.3.36 and it works fine. 

So I guess that this is the limit for an XP machine? This is fine, I use it only at the field. 

Thaks for guiding me in the right direction. 

What's a pitty... ;(

Is it really critical to discontinue XP compatibility?

I think many people still use old XP laptops/notebooks as 'field' tool and not ready to upgrade it.

(as I do) ..

And really frustrating behaviour is installing update without OS compatibility check...

I second the motion! XP XP XP and the crowd goes wild.

I also use it for cheap field laptops.

As I understand MP now is using .NET 4.5 which is not supported on win XP.

That's may rise problems NOT only for Win XP users but also for Linux users

running MP under Mono. As I know latest Mono is only PARTIALLY support .NET 4.5

Not all capabilities of .NET 4.5 are implemented in Mono for now.

XP is a x32 bit operating system, to use the latest version of MP, you need to run Windows 7, which is x64 bit version. You're better off of ditching XP...

please update to the latest beta MP.

it will support windows xp again.

Many thanks. I will try it this weekend.

Thank you very much Michael!

Thanks Michael. Great job

Yahoo!!! XP works again with latest beta..

Michael, Thank you wery much!

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