I have recently installed the 1.2.26 version of the mission planner and now my computer wont recognize when i plug in an arduino mega 2560 board (neither the arduino program or the mission planner). I am looking to find out if and when diydrones plans to fix this issue?

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Did you solve your issue?  I see you posted in the other thread about this.


Yes-ish, I still cant delete the drivers that it wants to use but I was able to get it to allow me to update them to the correct drivers. The downside is for every arduino board I connect to program I have to manualy pick the correct driver.

hopefully with the new msi i just released this issue should be fixed.

Hello Michael,

how i can configure MissionPlanner to use 2 stop bits in my connection with the APM?
My XBees work well in 115Kb with 2 stop bits but with only 1 stop bit i have a lot of errors... So i must use 56Kb with 1 stop bit...

Thx for your help!



I uninstalled the previous version and installed the newest one and still have the same issue of it trying to use a generic USB driver instead of the arduino one.

is this xp?

Yes, xp with the service pack 3.5.

Can you please test these drivers


I needed also the "directx_Jun2010_redist.exe"



I can manually chang the driver that it uses but I have to do it with every board I plug in.

I have  installed the 1.2.27 version of the mission planner and  my computer wont recognize when i plug in an arduino mega 2560 board,same problem as Levi Vilson.I try drivers Arduino Mega 2560.inf and arduino mega 2560 cat by Michael Oborne and again not recognize.

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