suddenly I got a *not responding* error with the effect with the screen whitens and MP freezes.

After reinstalling several times the Mission Planner, it still happens.

Then I restored the whole PC to a earlier point and reinstalled MP again. Still have this error after some clicks or using Mission Planner.

(WIN7 Ultimate, 64, 16Gb Ram, MP version: latest for APM 2.5, please see the attached pic) 

This never happened before. :(

Is there a fix .... or a cure?

MP not responding 2015-11-20_131506.jpg

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  • Developer

    when was the last time you updated your graphics card driver?

    2016-01-19 09:55:24,044  INFO MissionPlanner.Controls.HUD - Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. (c:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\ExtLibs\Controls\HUD.cs:328) [Base Thread]
    2016-01-19 09:55:24,044  INFO MissionPlanner.Controls.HUD - Version: 4.5.13399 Compatibility Profile Context 15.200.1062.1004 (c:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\ExtLibs\Controls\HUD.cs:329) [Base Thread]
    2016-01-19 09:55:24,044  INFO MissionPlanner.Controls.HUD - Device: AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series (c:\Users\michael\Source\Repos\MissionPlanner\ExtLibs\Controls\HUD.cs:332) [Base Thread]

    I notice its using a compatibility profile

    • after running the utility, I got this message = drivers up to date.

      what does that mean, when I'm using a compatibility mode?

      Is that something i can switch of for a test?

      driver status 2016-01-19_113751.jpg

  • Hi, Happy New Year,

    while in safe mode (WIN7) I run over this

    (pls. see pic attached)3702156369?profile=original

    @ Michel Oborne   & others:

    Could this perhaps indicate, what my problem with the PM (white) freezing issue is ???

    (Still looking for a solution) :)

    • Developer

      what video capture devices do you have on your machine?

      the error is from that. and shouldn't happen just by visiting that screen.

      • The only software I have is for screencapture. That programm was always installed, long before the freezes began.

        For a long time it runs with MP without issues.

        It is "FastStone Capture, version 7.7"


        • Developer

          when I say video capture, I mean like web camera's etc.

          • ooops :P sorry.

            No, I have no cameras, video capture devices etc permanently attached or connected.

            What I do from time to time is to transfer and safe videos and photos from

            cameras (Sony, Ricoh R8) to the HDD.

            But they're only connected for the time it takes to save the pictures.

            • :)

              from time to time still looking into MP with hope to find out what causes the crash issue on my pc.

              Attached some files from the windows report.

              I think only the computer literates on the forum understand the content, and M. Osborne ;)

              For me it's like peer at chinese :P

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