MissionPlanner unable to detect my Holybro PX4_2.4.6 board to update FW


I'm in deep troubles.

I just received my Holybro PX4_2.4.6 (http://www.holybro.com/product/pix32pixhawk-flight-controller-with-power-module/ 6).

I have trouble uploading Copter firmware through MP, because MP doesn’t recognize the board type.

The same happens with QGroundControl.

The only way to achieve the goal to upload Copter is to use MP option "Force Bootloader" where I can select by myself the board type.

I here attach a picture of the parameters that I have selected.

If there is a gentleman who can confirm me that I have selected the right ones, I'll really appreciate.

Moreover, I have no clue on how to solve the root cause that prevents me to upload the firmware in a standard way.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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