Modifying a Furious 320(g) Main Control Board for APM based waypoint flight

Perhaps this is the wrong board but this is my first post and we all need to start somewhere.

So I purchased a Walkera Furious 320 the other day.  It was a really good deal so I could not pass it up, but it does not do what I want a drone to do.  IE. Waypoint flight.  I don't really care about the fact the Furious can go 120kph or has tilt rotors.  What does interest me(at least since I've had it in my possession) is the fact the Main Control Board Furious 320(g) is a Mega2560.

Now from my understanding the Mega2560(Would that me ATMega2560?) is capable to autonomous flight given the correct sensors and firmware.  The outputs on the Main Controller are a usb port(for firmware upgrading, a gps port on the same side as the usb, a small UART port on one side, and then a flat ribbon attachment that comes out the other end.  The flat ribbon cable being the same as io pins I imagine.  

My first set of questions would be, what APM would this board support for a multicopter?  I would guess 3.2 and below?  or Just APM2.5 or 2.6?

What all would I need to build an GCS controlled drone?

A fc, gps, esc/motors, pdb, compass, receiver, and a telemetry system?  A transmitter and bt tablet as well.

Lastly has anyone heard of anyone tinkering with one of these or with something similar that might be able to help me in the right direction or give me a flat answer of no its not possible.

Many thanks and I'm glad to be part of the diydrones community!
~ Leo

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