Monster Octo Build

Thought I'd share progress on a replacement for my heavy lift Trad heli for larger camera work.


Current Specs:

1.23m Carbon octo frame as the base starting point (from

8x Turnigy G46 550kv motors (running just over 1kw each)

8x 60amp escs

8x 17x5.5 CF props from (soon to be replaced with 18x5.5s)

2x 5s1p (paralleled to 5s2p) 8000mah Turnigy 30c lipo

APM 2.5 w/ Ublox GPS

Custom CNC cut PDU from dual layered pcb

CCBEC pro for voltage regulation

3DR telemetry



Changes to date:

Custom CNC cut black delrin motor mounts with tapped mount holes (also allows LED strip mounting)

Custom Machined prop adapters (6mm mainshaft with DJI style bolt mounting on top)

Additional CF CNC cut receiver plate


Additions to come:

ZYX camera stabilization along with 5D2 camera mount (to be modified) from foxtechfpv

Custom landing gear using 1m thick 25mm OD carbon tubes

Dual camera switch and 5.8ghz downlink


So far:

I got it hovering though it needs signifcant tuning.  it was actually too light to tune at 16.5lbs all up (lift off at about 1/5th throttle), I strapped a 5lb dumbell on there to get it flyable.  Still working through PID basic tuning.  More to come.




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  • 3692737743?profile=originalI am working on a similar Octo. Though mine is a homebrew. Your looks great.

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