MOOS-IvP & Janus vs. JAUS & Micro-Modem, DSP, SDRs, and Mesh networking

I was introduced to MOOS-IvP at a conference. The topic of discussion was JAUS & UUVs.

AUV Simulation:

Another standard relevant to underwater vehicles is JANUS. Matlab and C code available on the wiki with registration.

Similarly, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has the Micro-Modem:

Area of interest for myself is the application of GNU-Radio's DSP functionality for use in acoustic communications and Sonar.

Some Mesh networking links for rooted Android devices:!forum/spandev

Cool DARPA funded SDR:

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Found some more good oceanography links.

Matlab based Hydrophone data analysis tool:

Example of a broad-band (10 Hz – 100 kHz) hydrophone:

NOAA guide on hydrophone array construction:

TI's Ultrasound Analog Front End(AFE) selection for sonar:

TI Open Source Ultrasound:

TI's ECG/EEG Analog Front End(AFE) selection for electroreception:

Electroreception Paper:

"This material is supported in part by the U.S. Office of

Naval Research under MURI Award CR-19097-430345"

AUV Picture Catalog:

Online brochure of some commercial solutions:

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