More USB issues

I got my replacement APM2 last week. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly by the way. Anyway I got everything up and running. I did some test flights in the living room and everything was going great. I started to tune the PID's and it was hovering nice and steady.

I swapped out batteries and plugged it in. I noticed that my remote was not working any more. I had signal and the light on the receiver was on. I plugged it into the USB and kind of like before it would not be recognized by windows. I bought a programmer the last time around and grabbed it. Sure enough the 32U2 was blank. So I flashed it with the latest code.

Now when I plug it in it's like someone is plugging and unplugging it very fast. Sometimes I can get it to stay connected for a second sometimes 45 seconds. I got it to stay long enough once to reload the firmware through APM Planner. I get multiple connection beeps like I just plugged in three things at once. Then it will get a couple disconnect beeps like I unplugged two things. It just sits there and loads and unloads over and over again.

I checked the connections and looked as best I could at the connector on the APM2 to make sure it was fine. Doesn't seem to matter if I plug it in and leave it laying there or plug it in and shake it about. I get the same results.

I can however connect just fine to the 3DR radio. I have been doing everything over that for now. I was just worried though that I might be flying along and have the PPM stop working and I would loose control.

Anyone got an idea of what might be happening and better yet why it happened. All I did was swap to a new battery.


Now the APM2 seems to just be spewing data out the 3DR radios still connect but if I try and go to the terminal I get this with out doing anything.

f`ax~~s2K8qJp=?A!rc A6F:?8br/>_stQu<_Ejktmei8XvJp=?@!?w9Gu,kmi8K%xJp=?@!y///-Qz{*R|3GPHixksR}>\P~HHSHTD
.*U*fB>,p0'lA2,;>-?$HOOOOOO=#=SIc A6F:?<raUIjWGnh`i?Jp=?@!hg LJ#k=Jn e9Z*:?Jp=?@!] xL|jumD9@EZ*:RJp=?@!\U ///-w*YpJPHixksR_K>|MHR[MTDL.#?*fB>p'lA2,;>-6$hMOOOOOO,#Sc A6F:?<,vNg7nB<:\:?W5Jp=?@!dPugn@E0xJp=?@!///-Zi*NPHixksR?>|DRVjojeiZ*:=JY?B!KV#S
HT?+%SRTDQ.`5*fB>Np'lA2,;>-$*SOOOOOO #S!c A6F:?<+QoTj0pD9i?1JY?B!?$UDkMqD9iZ*:?JY?A!pS /?//-;*zVPHixksR>uX8Wkre\:?Ju?A!kLZXIR ]XTDL.?*fB>p,'lA2,;>-?$8bXOOOOOOy#;Sc A6F:?<t[YJj^rD998wJu?(B!J?Lk[Fi"ri?JY?!I ///-)L*<h+ZPHixksRX?>KL;][ixreiZ*:2JY?!D ]HSl]TD
#.|*fB>p8'lA2,;>-$d]OOOOOOQ#S?c A6F:?f<e~?H_Zlcr<:`s?J
#?`!T`lr98dJ>!@] ///-""*8jaPHixksR \>b
.?*fB>pp?'lA2,;>-$bOOOOOOb#T(Xbdlq%?@E8J\>!dc A6F:?S<U[3XQsdksp\:8sJz>!?ofljp:9?mJ)\>`!k///-+*ePHixksRk>Bg
HT__,g=TDu.0*fB>p'lA2,;>-jD$hgOOOOOO:J#:Tkc A6F:?<KGh-mo98T>J=
>!vn///-*yiPHixksR>J(mHR4*mTDL.'*fB>p'lA2,;>-+$/mOOOOOO#Rec A6F:?<YX2mlW)qD9i?J=
>A!Gv oIlo<:\:8P?J=
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.e *fB>8p,'lA2,;>-$erOOOOOO{#Sc A6F:?Z<}DDEs!kr@EZ*:J?$B!suo,mAs~i8J?A!    ///-J\*tPHixksR'>9v1mpD998E J
.S*#fB>4p<'lA2,;>-?$$lwOOOOOO0%#9Sd&c A6F:?< '(|xlU-qi?q)J?!K0 *zj*o<:98+J?!8 ,///--d.*>/XxPHixksRM0>}N1dv|kn1982J
#?@!3T|HRT4|)TD.=*5fB>p 'lA2,;>-6$|OOOOOO-7#SU8c A 6F:?S<9:L~qhkoD99Z*:?;J
#?A!6>///-u?@*6 AxhPHixksRB>VCQ,Dp
p'lA2,;>-G$OOOOOOH#S-?Ih%o<:85JJp=?@B!b'Kc A6F:?< rLM$fi;p,D9@E:NJp=?B!?OQjp\:Z*:PJp=?A!S?Q///-RS*=+TPHixksRFU>.V)HT&Wl,TD)\.*XfB>p 'lA2,;>-Y$<1OOOOOOWZ#7S[c A6 F:?<+"m\]{#oh!p@D9\:Z*:*^Jp=? A!_Rhp\:?H`Jp=?@!?aP#%h]#oB<:@E0xybJY?0B!ic///-iZde*fhPHixksR!#g>ohaHSidTD.[F*jfB>:p'lA2?,;>-k$xiOOOOOOfl#S*mc A6F:?<wU4(nQko[f4m-D99:`pJY?B!?qfnbp

I am on Arducopter 2.6. Now sometimes the radios don't connect until after a few resets. Wondering if it because of all the chatter. The orange LEDs are on constantly not like before.

Any ideas would be great.

I have not heard back from support. I sent them email going on three weeks ago now.



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  • Most likely you have a wrong driver loaded.  You need to remove this first.  I'd suggest that if you're at this point you probably need a fresh install of windows anyways.

    You also probably overwrote the bootloader, so search for the instructions on fixing that.

  • 3D Robotics

    Was that 3DR support? If so, please email them again and let me know if you don't get a response in 48 hours. 

This reply was deleted.


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