Motor Advice for a 600mm hexacopter

Hey there.

I have the old ArduCopter HEXA 3DR Kit and looking to do an upgrade to the motors. They are old and getting a bit worn out (Motor AC28367-358 880Kv). I also am carrying a bit more kit these days (gopro, gimbal and retractable gear) so she is getting a bit heavy. I am currently running on:

- 5000mah 30C 11.1v battery.

- 20amp ESC.

- 11x4.7 props.

So what are some recommends on motors? 

I did recently buy a bunch of the Iris+ (950Kv) motor that were on sale a while back... too cheap not to. I have installed them for fun but even without a full load of video equipment I am hovering at about 50% throttle, which is a bit higher than I would like. Not sure about flight time. With the old motors, I was getting about 7 min flight time, I doubt I will get that with the 950kv motors I have on it right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Aug 25