Motor Leds Error

I'm still looking into how this happened today but just as a warning to anyone using motor leds there is a possibility of the LEDS flashing (Indicating DISARM) but the ARDU is in fact ARMED !Today I armed the Ardu and the lights went solid as expected but I was slow to increase the throttle, the lights started to flash indicating DISARM however I still had power to the motors and took off normally. I hovered for a full 5 minutes with the LEDS Flashing.Please be cautious, can one of the developers have a look for a potential problem ?Thanks

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  • This appears to be a timing issue. The Ardu will disarm if left but there is possibly a window of opportunity where the Motor Leds indicate disarm before the Ardu has actually completed the disarm.

    Still checking for reliable reproduction of the problem...

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