motor mount LED's/latest firmware/mission planner - what is the status?

Newbie here.

I've been trying to figure out how/where to connect motor mount LED's, but there seems to be a few different ways to connect them, requiring code entries and compilation.  I'm just getting started, and using the mission planner for config and downloads.  Is there a way to get lights working?


Thanks - Steve

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There is only one way and it is in the Wiki. It does not need any firmware compilation.


The other ways are obsolete methods that you certainly did find with Google and they will not work or create conflicts.


Thanks Oliver,


I've seen that reference, but it mentions leds.pde as a code set, and I don't know what to do with that. 

This blog entry; is referred to, but also indicates code changes.

There is a discussion here as well;


Are A8, A10, A12, A14 active and programmed to support intelligent indications in the base code?  If so, is there something that tells me what the patterns mean?  I just don't want to start soldering and find out that nothing happens - I've done enough of that on my own!


Thanks again to all for your help.



You are talking about old references. Watch for the dates. And anyway the right one is the wiki one.

Normaly the wiki is up to date. If something is not up to date in the wiki do not hesistate to report it.


The official LED mod is the one i gave you and it's woking out of the box.


I did it on my frame and this work without any code modification or special activation.


I am working on this issue and we try to get update on it as soon as possible. If you have nice proposals on how leds should blink, let us know.

I don't have any brilliant ideas, I haven't been doing this long enough to really know what to ask for! 

indications for arming, flight mode, and low battery come to mind

I like the ideas in this video (which would be you, yes?);

another reference;


Thanks again

Acutally I have something up and running since arducopter version 2.0.45 orso on my hexa.  I call it showleds.  They use AN8-15.

They switch on when motors are armed and go into 'normal' showled operation.  

In 'normal' showled mode, different blinking patterns can be selected with channel 7, WITHOUT affecting other chan7 functions, like simple, RTL or waypoint saving.  For this you put chan7 on a dial on your TX.  Since you can visually confirm which blinking mode you are in, it's no problem selecting them with dial.  Crank the dial full open and you have "standard" chan7 function engaged (simple, rtl, waypoint save, hoovering throttle, etc)  What's more, you could ALSO program a blinking pattern in this position of chan7, so you get a visual indication that waypoint is saved, or that simple is engaged.

Current programmed patterns include :

-rotating lights which increase rotating speed when throttle is increased.  

-all leds on

- 3 arms on (tri-copter looking)

- the other 3 arms on

-crear arm on and front 2 arms blinking alternating (looks like police lights if you put blue leds on front arms)

- 4 arms on (looks like quad)

- 2 arms on (front and rear in my + configuration)

- 2 arms on and rotating

- 3 arms on alternating


It gets even better.  As battery gets low, the 'normal' led patterns get overridden automatically and the copter switches to 1 standard blinking pattern (3 arms on, 3 arms blinking), indicating you are low on battery.

As the battery voltage gets below a second treshold, the low battery pattern starts blinking faster.

So you get a double warning :

1st : you have about a minute flighttime left

2nd : put the copter down NOW. (about 15sec left)


I have asked Jason if my code could be integrated in Arducopter and he said fine, just post it.  I posted my modified files (4) in that thread and in the 'issues' section about userhooks.  Interest seemed low though for a reason unknown to me, it hasn't been implemented (yet?).

I had all code encapsulated in #if SHOW_LEDS == 1 ... #endif, so it was only compiled in if wanted.


Now I'm working on integrating it in the userhooks.


It would not be difficult at all to make the different patterns indicate which mode you are in.  Would only require a change of the condition in if(condition) {}


Here's a demonstration video on the ground (had nobody to film, so couldn't fly it) :

very cool stuff!  It would be cool to integrate showy led's somehow once the baseline functions are established.  I've 'dreamed' of a UFO-ish (whatever that is!) light show at night to freak out the neighbors.

I'm all up for adding some LED's but I really don't fancy soldering directly on the IMU.


Does anyone know of a ready made expansion board ?   I'm thinking along the lines of an additional board the fits between the IMU and the Ardu exposing the expansion pins.


Otherwise has anyone got any photos of LED connections to the IMU ?

Just ignore the arduino code at the bottom of the page because its already done for you.  You just have to connect the leds like shown and they will work.


I added the ULN2003 chip and strip LED lights per this example;


What I get is all lights on when the ESC's are armed, and no lights when they are not.  Is the expected result, or am I doing something wrong?  I'm running the .49 firmware as provided by the mission planner.


Hi Steve,  do you know how to load code with arduino?  If you do I have added some lines to leds.pde to give visual indications for gps, armed and low-batt if you use rgb leds or strips.  You can find it here.


Yes it's ok.


If batterie voltage is too low, then Leds will blink. You'll need to use the battery monitoring function to get this working.

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