"Motor Test" in MP with Pixhawk

In an attempt to troubleshoot why I can't get my motors to spool-up, I first confirmed that on my good flying quad platform with Pixhawk, connected to Mission Planner, and with the radio receiver physically disconnected from the Pixhawk, I can run the "motor test" and confirm....motors spool-up.  But not so on my troublesome other quad. Instead, I get the constant multi colored LED fast flashing (I think it's referred to as the "Police lights").  I CAN connect the ESCs/motors (one at a time to a receiver) to throttle channel, and get the motors to spin.  Same result with 2 different Pixhawks.  All boot-up seems goods, blue LED goes to green when it finds the sats.  Tones all correct.  Arming switch goes from quick red flashes to solid red when armed and when you run the "motor test" (after increasing %) you get the double tones, after a few seconds, just like you would when the motors DO spin.  I do not get any "failure" notifications on MP.  What an I missing?  I've had this platform flying.....it's not a "new" build. 

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Aug 25