when logging the data from APM , i get a lot of variables like (IMU, Gyro, etc..)

what does the motor values indicate ? to be more precise , is the number in the chart mean current drawn by the motor ? or (pwm) voltage or what exactly ?

would appreciate the help .

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it's the PWM value 1000 to 2000 approx

Thank you Bill , but what is the unit of (1000 to 2000) ?

mV ?

It's microseconds. It's Pulse width modulation. You have a variable on pulse of 1000us to 2000us. Typically it's 1100 to 1900 max.

hi I'm currently have struggle to find motor data could you, tell me which one is motor data in apm log and what it looks like?

I using mission planner 1.3.35 and firmware arducopter 3.2.1

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