Motor values APM2.6 data logging

when logging the data from APM , i get a lot of variables like (IMU, Gyro, etc..)

what does the motor values indicate ? to be more precise , is the number in the chart mean current drawn by the motor ? or (pwm) voltage or what exactly ?

would appreciate the help .

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  • hi I'm currently have struggle to find motor data could you, tell me which one is motor data in apm log and what it looks like?

    • I using mission planner 1.3.35 and firmware arducopter 3.2.1

  • Developer
    it's the PWM value 1000 to 2000 approx
    • Thank you Bill , but what is the unit of (1000 to 2000) ?

      mV ?

      • Developer
        It's microseconds. It's Pulse width modulation. You have a variable on pulse of 1000us to 2000us. Typically it's 1100 to 1900 max.
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Dec 3, 2020