well I do have a serious problem since 1 year with the Althold mode.

When I switch from stabilize mode into althold mode (or any similar mode) I get terible motor pulsings.

I'm working on this problem since one year, I replaced every component because I thought it was the ESC, Motorsync, cable vibrations anything problem.

But it was not.

Then I played around with the PID values, but it wasn't this neither.

the apm advanced tuning is not very helping http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/tuning/

and I could get much out of this thread http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/motor-pulsing-in-altitude-hold?gr...

here is a video: https://youtu.be/F8QQMKo4VMM

and my rig:

Pixhak original with MP 3.2 quadcopter X

880Kv 3DR system

2300gr total weight

Ironman 680 from tarot

3S Lipo with 5Ah

40A ESC Hobbywing

12"x5 probs fron Aeronaut

controlled by turgnigy th9x

Please help me I'm help less

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I fought and fought motor pulsing on my quad, tried every parameter I could think of. It went away when I tried a different ESC.

Yours is much worse than what I saw, but same situation. Flies well in stabilize but every altitude hold mode pulses.

I now avoid SimonK ESCs in APM applications, though I have found prop combinations that work OK. Every prop in my box seems to work with generic ESCs.

I adde some vibration Dampening, see the video


But still nothing

Please i Rewally neeed help my master thesis depends on it

logs attached coresponds to the flight in the video.


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