APM1 with ArduCopter V3.1.1 on an X quad.

Mission Planner 1.2.95

When the CLI Motor Test is initiated, nothing happens. Outside of the CLI, I can get the motors to spin up just fine with the transmitter, so I know they are working. This is what I think should work.

1. Open Mission Planner

2. Turn on transmitter

3. Connect USB to autopilot

4. Terminal > Connect

5. Type "test"

6. Type "motors"

7. Plug in battery

...nothing happens. I've tried swapping steps 6 and 7.

The CLI just tells me "Any key to exit." The CLI communication seems fine because I can do other things, such as setup the radio. I have restarted the computer and quad several times. This quad has never flown. Thank you for any help and if there is any more information I could provide that would be useful, let me know.

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I've successfully flown the quad several times now, so the CLI Motor Test isn't as important now. The test still doesn't work, though, which is either weird or user error.

This drove me crazy until I found a hint on one of the forums. The CLI motor test function uses the THR_MIN parameter when momentarily energizing each motor, and it wasn't high enough for my ESCs. The default THR_MIN parameter is 130 (13% of full throttle); I changed it to 200 (20%), and suddenly the motor test worked.

Thank you guys it was the type of frame I used in MP, I already figured out. But thank you for your help, was be very helpful.

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