Hi All,

I took a flight today with my giant copter, I found 2 of the motors were not responsive.

I tried to spin the motors using simple motor spin test using CLI test in Mission Planner.

'Hear' the motors twitching, when they want to break free to rotate..but it just does not.

Motors: RC-Timer 5010-14, 360kV

Props: 17" inch


Anyone any idea on what to do? Two of them are not responding. I have rechecked the solder and connections, they are fine and its the fifth's one I am building, never had problems like this before!!



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change the motors and esc and see whether what does not work. Maybe do a ESC calibration

Hi @Hansaka,

All this while I was breaking my head over it.

I think the problem is resolved. On closely noticing it, I found the motors magnet were touching the metal part creating friction - possibly a cheap chinese manufacture :)

The resolution was to torture it to rotate as fast as possible, to remove this friction. Three motors are now good, except for the last one I am working on.


good job, Always read reviews before you end up buying some random bad motors. Specially from ebay

These were RC Timer motors.

No wonder, how they publicize so much but miss some tests on motors before dispatch!

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