Motors will not ARM

So I have assembled my quadrotor and calibrated my ESCs...

I am using pheonix 25 motor controllers...
1) I plug them into my throttle channel and move the stick up and down on throttle..
Verified that I can manipulate the motors and ESC through reciever

2) Through Arducopter Configurator I calibrate the stick commands, hit save and update
Verify that throttle and yaw sticks move correctly...

3) However, I hold stick to the correct position and motors will not arm..(motors were not plugged in)

I have also tried without USB connection and using LIPO...nothing
I also have tried plugging in LIPO and then USB to use configurator and nothing...

Why is this...what am I doing wrong??

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  • I have the same issue with my E-Flite 25Amp PRO Brushless ESCs paired with Turnigy 2217 Outrunners with my Ardupilot module.

    The ESCs calibrate and work fine with the RC Tx/Rx setup. But, When hooked up to the Ardupilot, the ESCs do not arm the motors when the throttle stick is pulled to the lower right corner (the default arming procedure). I see the Ardupilot doing its arming procedure (the LED A starts blinking after arming) but no response is noticed from the ESCs/Motors.

    After testing in phases, these are my observations:

    The Ardupilot ESC outputs on Channels 0 to 3 are at a frequency of around 200Hz. This works fine with the Turnigy ESCs.

    The E-Flite 25 PRO ESCs operate at 62 Hz to 63 Hz and do not respond to signals at 200Hz.

    My Question: How do I modify the code to set the 4 output channels to 62Hz or 63Hz instead of the default 200Hz? I am guessing it has to do with the timers (Am I right?).

    Note: I simulated PWM output on my HCS12 microcontroller and used it as input to my ESCs and they arm and run the motors fine between 1.1ms and 2.0ms at 63Hz, while they refuse to arm at 200Hz no matter what PWM modulation is given. This reassured my observations that my ESCs definitely need 63Hz inputs to function.

    Please, help me modify the software to get the output at 63Hz instead of the 200Hz. Or, if you know a way of changing the frequency of the ESCs to get them to accept a 200Hz PWM, that should suffice as well!

    Thank you in advance for the help!

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