Mounting APM on CineStar 8

I built my CineStar 8 frame yesterday, and it's a work of carbon fiber art. However, its stock mounting options are tailored for MK electronics. I'm installing APM2.5 and so I need to fabricate an adaptor plate or some other solution.

Does anyone have pics of their APM mounting solution on a CineStar? What about measurements or diagrams for the commonly available jDrones and 3DR stack-up plates?

In the end I may just have to source some carbon plate and custom fabricate the whole job, but I don't have immediate access to the tools necessary to route and drill the carbon plates with any type of precision.

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  • Hey Josh, 

    I found this link

    How is your build going. I'm about to put the apm 2.5 on my cinestar heavy lifter.  Any tips? 

  • I made some progress yesterday. I got the bullet connectors soldered on each of the ESCs and mounted them to the frame.


    As you can see, there's not a ton of room left over for anything else. I'm going to fabricate a board to hold the APM and accoutrements, but there's some challenges ahead.

    First, there's precious few available mounting holes on the frame, and none that are far away from the center to carry a larger sized board. The bolts holding together the top and bottom frames do stand a couple of mm proud of their press nuts, so perhaps I can use that nub to mount some standoffs further towards the edges. I'd prefer not to drill my own holes in the frame, but it may become necessary.

    Prior to all that, however, I need to decide if this is going to operate in a "X" or "+" configuration. Any suggestions on that? It will, of course, determine the geometry of the mounting plate, so I need to figure that out first. The battery tray is mounted such that it would only be parallel or perpendicular with the flight direction if it was a "+" configuration. So, from a purely aesthetic perspective, the "+" is better. However, aesthetics are not my #1 priority, so let's hear your input!

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