mounting Canon M onto DJI Phantom 3

has any successfully mounted their canon M1 with the pancake 22mm lens to the DJI Phantom 3?

if so, any tips on how to mount the camera as light as possible?

any issues with stability at 30 feet up in the air? i dont plan to take it any higher than 35ft.

i was able to install Magic Lantern onto the camera and have the intervalometer working great so far.

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  •      I think putting an EOS-M up on a phantom is a bit much to ask of a Phantom 3. I think a good alternative to the EOS might be the Sony RX100 it's lighter and lends itself to external control. I fly EOS-M's regularly and find them very good for aerial photography and you could easily put one up with a single axis gimbal on a Tarot 650. I get 18min flight times with a 8,000mah 4-S battery. If your interested I could send you the specs.

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