MP Not Calc'ing Az and El to the Airplane

I took my antenna tracker hardware out to the field today with the goal of flying around and confirming that it would follow the airplane around.

The tracker is Maestro-based and is responding correctly to both the Pololu config program and to the trim sliders in MP.  I'm using MP version 1.2.33.  I have the az-el user values (AZtoMAV and ELtoMAV) displayed on the HUD.  The problem is that the az-el values remain fixed at their initial values and do not change at all as the airplane flies around overhead.  The airplane icon followed its GPS data points nicely.

It would seem that MP is not calculating the realtime azimuth and elevation values using the airplane's gps coordinates.  The flight .tlog is attached.  Am I missing some step here or is this a bug?


2013-02-07 09-38-55.rlog

2013-02-07 09-38-55.tlog

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    did you set your mp home location? or read back the programmed mission?

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