I'm currently sampling data from a Hobbyking digital pitot tube. The sensor on this device is a MS4525 differential pressure sensor.

I've noticed that in a static environment the minimum change between the readings seems to be 5 counts. For example, after logging a few seconds of data at 100Hz in a static environment, the raw pressure readings seem to be 8097, 8102, 8107, 8112, or 8117. No other values in between are ever reported.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue with the data from the MS4525 differential pressure sensor?

(Note: I have also queried the manufacturer on this as well, waiting for a reply. I am reading the sensor via an Arduino, using a similar program as discussed in this thread:

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Alternatively, does anyone have a recommendation for an differential pressure transducer, ideally with a digital interface and temperature compensated readings? (Note: I've also evaluated the MPXV7002 but also had issues with this analog differential pressure sensor)

hi Robert,

I have installed one of these into my Sensefly ebee asa replacement. Unfortunately it does not seem sensative enough. It is also in the Pixhawk kit where it displays much more sensitivity. Any idea why and can it be adjusted?



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