Hi all! I try to using a MTK3329 gps with another fc board for comparation test, unfortunately, this board only accepts "standard NMEA" at "38400 baud" by default (and not binary), I flashed the gps with the original firmware, but unfortunately the default output is at 9600 baud.
The board in question receives the data but does not send anything to the GPS, so it initializes, is expected to be ready to send data from gps unit.
With MiniGPS I can make all the changes I want, but when remove power the GPS then returns everything to the default.
I do not have the battery installed on the pin "VBackup", can you tell me if there is a way to write these parameters so that by accessing the unit again to keep them stored?
With "MiniGPS" i try to write the parameters to the internal flash, but from what I can see you can not do because there's no flash in this unit.



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  • You must initialize the unit at each power up. You are correct, you can not write configuration to the Flash.

    You flashed it with what "original" firmware? The (about 2 year old "1.4" that has bugs?)

    The MTK3329, sold by DIY Drones, will output NMEA @ 38400 bps by default. It must be commanded into binary mode. That sounds compatible with what you are asking for, no?

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