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I have decided it's time to move up to a large UAV airframe.

I still have the giant payload master in the build, but it is taking forever as if i'm not working offshore, i'm busy test flying ardu-equipped foamies.

I'm going to keep flying the small stuff for now as they are great for ironing out bugs... but they simply can't carry the telemetry gear and cameras that I want to test.

Anyway....I have now purchased a Mugin airframe from FPVflying and it is due here shortly.

Just wondering if there is anyone on here who has one one of these?

I'm looking for information regarding any structural deficiencies and anything else i might need to watch out for.

I'm confident in my ability to assess it's "airworthiness" but obviously it's good to hear from people who've had prior experience with a particular airframe.. eg. areas prone to cracking and parts that wear out quicker than expected.




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  • Does anyone have a good "working" config file for the 3m Mugin?

    •  Hi Bruce how is your mugin coming along?

      • Slowly,

        We have done the first autotune but are now victims of the weather. There is a thunderstorm outside even as I type. Plus, as they say, Winter is Coming.

        Overall though, it flies nice and very nice in stabilize. We are going to replace the "traditional" balsa and fish-snot glue wings with something better and more robust (foam and carbon). We will also replace the landing gear (see post above). We may end up just jacking up the Pixhawk and changing almost everything else.

        We hope to finish the tuning soon or it will not be until next year. BTW we also maidened the Mugin 4.5 - and that is a beast.

        Thanks for asking - KBO!

        • May i ask if your Mugin has flaps i'm almost finished setting up mine and would like to know what the approach and cruise airspeed values your getting.

          Also what engine are you using?

          • Ok,

            The 3m does not have flap, approach speed is around 20m/s (metric), cruise is 25m/s, landing speed is around 17-18m/s and stall is 16m/s.

            We run a DLE60 with a 22*10 prop which we find to work better than the 23*9 supplied.

            BTW our is an H-tail.


            • Well I'm running the same engine but my Mugin has flaps. Also what kind of flight time you anticipate. do you have any build photos to share?

              Its nice to talk to a fellow owner of this aircraft i think it is a very good platform. Do you have any video of your maiden flight and did you power your servos directly from pixhawk?

              • No video I can release and we used a BEC to power the servos (via the pixhawk servo rail) and the ignition.

              • Could you provide a link to a 3m with flaps?
                • I bought it at

                • I don't have a link but i think its the new version 3 but i took a pic for you to see.


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