I have decided it's time to move up to a large UAV airframe.

I still have the giant payload master in the build, but it is taking forever as if i'm not working offshore, i'm busy test flying ardu-equipped foamies.

I'm going to keep flying the small stuff for now as they are great for ironing out bugs... but they simply can't carry the telemetry gear and cameras that I want to test.

Anyway....I have now purchased a Mugin airframe from FPVflying and it is due here shortly.

Just wondering if there is anyone on here who has one one of these?

I'm looking for information regarding any structural deficiencies and anything else i might need to watch out for.

I'm confident in my ability to assess it's "airworthiness" but obviously it's good to hear from people who've had prior experience with a particular airframe.. eg. areas prone to cracking and parts that wear out quicker than expected.




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Hello John,

I have done some work on one of these. The one in your picture is obviously the latest version, but not so different I guess.

For the money, you get a lot. A very solidly built airframe. No instructions though. Profile looks like Naca 4415. It flies well with CoG at 28% MAC.  Ours was ordered without engine, so that a 3W 28 could be installed. This was done to make it more similar to another airframe in house.  Weight with the 3W and ballast on the nose bulkhead, no fuel, is close to 17kgs.

The smaller engine is a good match in the air, but it really needs a paved runway to get off.  50+ccm is propably needed on grass.

The only thing broke so far is the nose gear mount, a very weak fiberglass reinforced block. The covers on top, and the fiberglass nose is somewhat flimsy compared to the rest.

I found a clever way to make the servo connections between wing and booms, but can't find the pictures right now.

Please report back with pics when you get it.







Thanks Lars!


I will do a full review when it arrives. Lots of pictures to come.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like a close look at.



Thanks Lars!


I will do a full review when it arrives. Lots of pictures to come.

Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like a close look at.



Hi John - would love to see this fly.  Is it going to be petrol or electric?

She's petrol mate. 2 stroke 55cc Horizontally Opposed.

She's a monster. Still to be assembled but i'm getting closer. I have a huge sum of parts now including 3G telemetry and video but so little free time! There are known problems with this airframe but nothing that cant be sorted. Just needs some reinforcement in a few areas!

Most of it is still wrapped in bubblewrap at this stage but i'l get round to it.... promise!


















Is that engine supplied by fpvflying?

Yes... Haven't bench run it yet though...


Can you show more pictures? I think since last time I think you took a lot more pics, 

And what you think of this frame so far? 

I'm looking to get one... 

Currently offshore with work but will be home on the 2nd. Send me another reminder close to then and I'll take some for you. Anywhere in particular that you are interested in?

Hi John,

First one question, are the booms carbon fiber? I'm asking this because on the website there is a silver boom (like yours) and a black boom (on the white version) 

I would like to see pictures of the gas tank compartment, from the wings, anyway its not easy to get pictures from this nice UAV so if you want you can take a lot of pictures...

Did you advanced in the assembly?



Is it easy to dissambly to put it in a box and transport? How the wings are detached from the body? 

Can you take a detailed picture of the front wheel? 

So many questions, but I need to make a decision here so I need all the info I can. 


hi john, im very interested in your experiences with the mugin as i am looking in to getting one myself. i also happen to work offshore and i live in paisley. if you want you can email me on nicksmobile1 at yahoo dot co dot uk



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