multi channel telemetry w 3dr V2

It's been ages since I've been here so I'm not up on the latest.

I know there's been discussions about multi-channel coms with these radios, I think there was a few years ago, but I can't find anything useful.

I have one ground station and several remote stations and I'd preferably like multi to multi communications on one channel. (eg. all three on channel 25)

I did some manual tests with three radios all on channel 25 and if I enter something on one radio it shows up on the other two. GREAT! Any radio to all the others... seems to be what I want...

But I integrated the radios into a system that broadcasts messages to all. Message headers specify an ID to identify who it came from and where it goes.

The signals begin to overlap (two broadcasting at one time) so these get lost. I enabled LBT (Listen before Talk) but that doesn't help.

The radios seem to want to reconnect, usually one of the three.

I guess I could solve this having a pair per channel, but that gets expensive.

Is there a firmware that handles this now?

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