• searching for a cheap drive, I tried the 2822-1200 on 3S and found with cheap plastic, non-nylon, GWS-style china props:

    11x4.5 produces 11 ounces of thrust at 4 amps,

    11x4.5 produces 21 ounces of thrust at 10 amps, (get hot)

    10x4,5 produce 10% less thrust at the same amperes.

    I am very content with the results. Consider slower turning props will result in a less stiff control behaviour.

    Greetings, Hans-Jochen

  • For the 880kv motors 12.4.5 is the recommended size. Not only that, it also has the most disk area and thus, the disk loading factor I spoke about earlier is lower.

    This gets you back into the right hardware for heavy lift/long endurance with the 2each  5800mah batteries.


    As a personal note, I think a hexa is a better configuration than your Y from stability, but it should work from a lift perspective relatively the same. You're just going to have to play around as you really haven't stated your goals or payload.

  • Ok, so just a thought, 6 motors drawing let's say 18 amps each is 6x18=108 Amps, now unless you have one heck of a battery, even a 3000mah rated pack with 30C is only 90amps meaning you're killing your pack or must have good 4000-5000mah pack rated still a 25-30C. So that could be one problem (BTW, most battery connectors aren't rated for 100+amps).

    Problem #2 is that you are using 1200kv motors when you should be using something less than 900kv  (spec motors are 850 or 880kv )so you have quite a mismatch of propellor load. Basically you have very high rpm motors trying to drive props intended to spin slow and move lots of air. This means your motor will draw max amps, not reach the intended rpm range and further, your battery and wiring may not be up to the task you have presented. You either need props with less pitch (like a 3 or 3.5) or less diameter (may 8 or 6 inch) to match the motors. Both of those are less than optimal again because you chose less than optimal motors.

    Sorry for your bad luck but you made some wrong choices in hardware.

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