Hi ,
I'm Roberto Navoni , in the last six months I'm working to develop an Electronic , Firmware and software platform for UAV / UAG , R/C Enthusiastic . We're devoloping a community around this project.
I have a new approch . With my platform is possible to  develop different kind of application for different kind of UAV. I discover that in the world there're fantastic people that have greats idea , can develop the frame of their veichle , but don't know how to  use electronic and firmware to solve flying problem , so with my platform I try to teach to use firmware and hardware to solve thir problem. I decide to implement our system on arduino a great italian HW/FW project.

First prototype of MP Board 1.0

This is the link of project :

This is the specification of our boards :

Some picture of board :

Our starting point was  Quad and Multicopter, We support and implement Aeroquad OS project  .
In our community we have develop first Mega variable pitch quad HG3. 2.7 m of Quad for 6.5 kg with 1 motor of 2.2 kw :)

this is the link of wiki page of project :


If you need more information about it can contact me at : lasernav@gmail.com


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good work ,interesting ideas , i see you hae used 250 or450 heliblades , are you using the heli head too?
No we developed a custom mechanic, We're using 450 blades. If you see in my video you can see the first long outdoor fly of HG3 with Multipilot Board :)
Thanks for your reply :)
Is that board based off the MikroKopter ME schematic?
Hi David,
is based on Arduino Sanguino , the new one that will be ready the next month using Avr Mega , and the imu will be use Xduino .. STM32 the same of your ... the sensor is similar of your .. and MK :) Gyro ADX 610 , ACC LYS , Magnetometer HMC5843 . The GPS input is compatible with protocol NMEA On our repository you can found the lib for arduino. We don't use the same schematics of MK but the same micro ... ATMEGA 644P. Is avaible an advanced Pilot Board based on Samsung 6410 600 Mhz
Excellent Roberto, good luck with it!

Collective pitch is the way of the future I think, very nice outdoor video & it looks really smooth.
Good Luck,too :) What do you mean about HG3 ... variable pitch Mega Quad ...

Its Impressive.

Does HG3 have vibration? Easy to tune pid parameters?

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