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I am building a project which requires two servos and two escs attached to by ArduPilot at once. Is it safe to plug both ESCs into Ardupilot at the same time, or will this give it too much juice? I am using the 2560 board.

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That is topic often raising discussions. Principally, one should not connect voltage sources in parallel. In reality, there are rarely or never any problems with doing that with ESCs/BECs. They just have to have the same 5V rated output voltage. In parallel, this will not get you more than the 5V and it should be OK.

I have 2 parallel BECs in my plane too; it works. As always, after connecting together things you should use a regulated power supply to test it and not a battery.



Using more than one BEC (or ESC with a BEC) works fine in parallel *** only if the BEC is linear ***. If the BEC is switching this won't work and might cause damage. Most smaller ESC have a linear BEC but check the specifications for the ESC first. Most larger ESC have a switching BEC (like 40 amp and up ESC).

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