I am looking to have 3+ (ideally quite a few more) pixhawks send their live telemetry data to ideally one laptop that records this data as it comes in. Is this possible?

At the moment I am thinking either mission planner or Qgroundcontrol and using one of the swarm type modes. But Can these 'planners' deal with receiving lots of incoming communication?

Ideally I would like to use a method of long range communication like LoRa to send the data but I am unsure of how to get many of these at 433Mhz transceivers to talk to the GCS at the same time.

Any suggestions on hardware/software or threads that may help me out?

Thanks in advance!!

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  • Do I have to use similar drones or can I use drones of different sizes/frame types?

  • Thanks. But I already saw this. Does it work properly with Mission Planner? Is Q Ground Control a better option?

  • 3D Robotics

    Oh. Just read the manual

    Swarming — Mission Planner documentation
  • @Chris Anderson

    Yes. I got that. How do I send commands to the drones so that they move together, get a formation, etc?

  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, see my pictures in this thread that show how to use a USB hub to control multiple drones with 3DR radios. 

  • I am also looking to control multiple drones at the same time. Can I achieve this with my existing 3DR telemetry radios or do I need the XBee modem for sure? Also, can you please share a document which explains how to achieve multiple drone control with Q Ground Control (I am more familiar with Mission Planner)?

  • Please let us know how you get on with this. I've been wanting to do some swarming experiments with our Wing GCS, but have not found the time yet.

    My earlier investigations led me in the direction of QGround Control or UgCS as indicated above, or possibly APM Planner.


  • You can also use UgCS to control multiple drones and store telemetry logs. Also UgCS can work with XBee modems, please see this document - https://www.ugcs.com/files/PDFs/Manuals/v2.9/manual-xbee.pdf.

  • Brilliant thank you so much :)
  • 3D Robotics

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about Xbees. As for recording all the datalogs, yes as I recall QGroundControl logs all the incoming MAVLink from all the MAVs, regardless of which one is currently being controlled

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