Multirotor position using Arducopter


l have small question to know if it is possible to know my multirotor position (x,y,z) using arducoptor without GPS in indoor environment ?

l know that l can obtain my current attitude , but how about the position ?

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  • Here is an option for Precise (±2cm) Indoor Positioning:
    - - tracking a drone indoor
    - - fully autonomous flight
    - - tracking a micro-drone indoor
  • The Parrot uses optical flow sensors and you can use a sonar to measure your position off the ground. Rather than knowing the exact x,y,z , indoor environments usually apply a 'relative-to-the-wall/ground' approach. In environments where you don't have prior knowledge, you can still navigate and explore the environment. In other environments you should use a map of some kind.

    If you start the copter in any of the given rooms, you can still determine the position using so-called particle filters.

    There's an excellent course on advanced navigation on, where the course explains how some of the algorithms in the google car work.

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    You would need to know where you started.

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