Hello, as the title says, I've built an XQUAD drone based on readytoflyquad's MultiWii Pro 2.0 Flight Controller. My setup is the following:

  • MultiWii Pro 2.0 Flight Controller
  • Storm ESC's
  • Storm 2208 Brushless DC Motors
  • deVention AX701 RX Module
  • deVention DEVO 7 Controller

The problem that I am experiencing is that upon loading the firmware (with the necessary modifications for my specific flight controller) and pairing my TX controller with the RX module, I cannot seem to control the elevation of the drone (as in, there is no thrust response to the input from the TX controller). Would this problem be software or hardware based?

I have thoroughly checked the connections in my flight controller and checked the code several times to no avail. Does anyone here have any ideas as to what my problem can be?

Thanks for any help beforehand.

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