hey guys. so i started my first arduino uno quadcopter build. i am really new to all this tech stuff and am learning stuff on the way. i have a couple of questions for any good soumerian that can help. i would like to point out that im following a step by step tutorials done by joop brookings (http://www.brokking.net/ymfc-al_main.htm). However some things are not quite clear to me.

 above is a skhematic of the wirring on the quad.

1) The tutorials state that only the GRND and SIGNAL WIRES of the ECSs are connected to the arduino. what about the RED WIRES? do i leave them unconnected? also do i leave the two thin red and black wires that are attatched to the SIGNAL WIRES of the ESC , unattatched  as well?

2) Does the placement of multiple wires on the same GRND pin of the arduino bad? also does the placement of the wires to different GRND pins of the arduino , affect the software(code)?

3) What is the cheapest reciever+transmitter combo that i can purchase , having a minimum of four channels and a range of about 1000 to 1500 meters approximetly?

4) With regards to the placement of the gyroscopre, is there an ideal position that should be taken into consideration ? if so , what is it. 

I am sorry for my tiring questions. they seem silly but any help l get here is appreciated severely

kind regards

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