my GPS error?

is my GPS error?

see my pic.

i not  move the QC. still on table.

but on AMP my QC look moved (blue line)


what must i do?

help me please


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  • oohh.. ok


  • 100KM

    Your gps is fine.  I get this also if I leave the copter in the house and get a gps lock.  Outside it will be much better cause the gps can receive more sattelites.

  • Developer

    That's just too few sats to get a good position. A clear view of the sky will help.

  • Distributor

    Hi Mc Don,


    How long had the GPS unit had a clear view of the sky? Did the GPS have a clear view of the sky? Which GPS are you using?


    If you wait 30 seconds after the GPS has locked and press the reset button on the IMU is the GPS lock better?




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