My GPS is not working on battery, only on USB !!???

My GPS is working fine with my APM2.5 board connected via USB.

But with power from my 2s7,4 lipo the blue led on GPS antenna board is absent and no GPS counts.

If I start with USB connection, then connect my battery and then remove the USB cable the blue led is flashing and GPS works for about one minute.

Cant be an issue with my receiver (Futaba) or Telemetry transmitter (3DR Radio for telemetry Air Module 915Mhz) because they are connected and powered when using USB connection/power.

Somebody have an answer to this?

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  • I had the same problem and believe it was caused by a lack of shielding between the APM and the power distribution board. I used some adhesive foil tape on both sides of the frame separating the APM from power distribution board and found that it was able to get a lock after a few minutes.I guess you could test it on the ground by putting an earthed metal shield between them and seeing if it makes a difference.

    I believe with better shielding you could probably reduced that time it takes to get a lock but that's a job for when i build a new frame.

  • 3D Robotics

    That probably means your ESC is not putting out the right voltage. (I think too high disables the GPS, but I'm not sure). You can solve this with a Power Module or any good stand-alone BEC (or perhaps just a better ESC)

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