My quad crashed and I am not sure why....

So I tried to do an automated mission. I set an altitude of 9 meters. Used tower to try run this.

When i clicked "takeoff". Takes off and loiters well. Then I start the auto mission and after about waypoint 3 or 4 it starts acting all strange. It looses altitude and heads towards the ground then as it gets close to the ground it seems to take off. Eventually it touched and crashed. 

I couldn't see anything by default by going through the logs except some mag interference. 

2016-01-26 01-50-52.tlog

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  • Do you have the log from the controller? It's the first autonomous mission?

    • Everything was controlled via the tower app, but we had to switch the controller on for it to arm. However, we kept the throttle down. If the throttle was down while it was in auto mode would it have reacted like this?

      • Yup, that was totally it. Throttle needed to be up :D

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