Hi guys,


I had several bad crashes and had to rebuild... so when I finally got all my parts (postal strike in Canada did not help) this is how it now looks

As you can see I did several "updates" to the original design...

1 - Got rid of the legs... they broke (yes Jani... I did manage to break you nice legs... :) )

2 - Installed nice skids with custom dampening foam and tape! (works great, does absorb quite a lot)

3 - Made it fly X (was initially + for me but now I have more room for camera for future update

4 - Mounted the APM on silicone and Velcro in place

5 - Custom made plates to replace the legs so the arch can still be bolted to the arms.

6 - Glued in (hot glue) the nylon bolts that tend to always unscrew due to vibration.  I prefer hot glue to loctite as now when I need to remove the arch the nuts stays in place on the plate and so I don't lose them.

7 - Replaced the GPS "cage" on top of the arch with "version 2"... as I did cut my own replacement parts with ponoko services I decided to use the new one as it had a place to mount the antenna.

8 - Motor mount LED in place, fully functional on the APM.

All this only added 20 grams to my original weight... not too bad! I am now at 927 grams without battery. (will be 1.2 kg with 3300 nano-tech battery)


Still to do:

- install arm LEDs...

- install extension arm to mount a sonar

- paint the other front arm red to match the one from the old + config


And the MOST important one...

FLY IT ! (with new version by Jason it should fly like a charm)


Some more angles:



Let me know what you think!

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oh well... doesn't fly at all... it was not a bad motor but a bad ECS (I think) 

This is the video of it not spinning. Let me know what you think.


hey dany,


question, where do you get motor led's from and how to connect? 

Hi Paul, 

here is a post I did about it:



you need to create a plastic "cover" on top of the motor mount... this is not too hard to do with some plastic you can find around. 


Let me know if you need help. 

I dany I went go link but still don't know how to use and where to get the led lights from.
Sorry the info is all over the place...
You just buy regular led 5mm and follow these posts on how we did it
I am on my iPhone at the moment so it's hard to do more.
Hope it helps.

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